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  • I’m so glad that God made u 4 me.
    I don’t want 2 imagine a day when
    u don’t luv me. I’m so addicted 2 ur luv.

  • Ur only mine wen i dream.
    wen i wake i wana scream.
    ur not mine im all alone.
    i can only text u on my fone.
    do dreamz lie or r dey true
    i hope so coz babez i want u

  • I do not think much,
    I do not think very oftn,
    But whn i think,
    I think of u…

Taken from mazapoint.com/category/sweet-love-quotes

  • I close my eyez and try 2,
    go 2 sleep,
    But with the sadness inside,
    I begin to weep,
    Suddenly I remember what,
    U once said 2 me,
    Just meet me in the starz…

  • Remembering thoze
    wordz, I begin to smile,
    And gently close my eyez,
    lessening the milez.
    I can see the starz, oh how
    beautifully arranged,
    But you are not there,
    no hug to exchange.

  • Relatinshipz r like a buk,
    It takz a few secondz 2 burn,
    It takez yearz 2 write,
    So write it carfuly,
    never let it Burn…..

  • I nevr lived be4 ur luv.
    I nevr felt be4 ur luv.
    I nevr needed anyone 2 make me feel alive.
    but than again i wasn’t really livin.
    Ii nevr lived be4 ur luv…

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