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  • When u think ur first falling in luv, just then u  realize ur falling out of luv

  • If I had a rose 4 each time I thinking of u, I’d be picking rosez for a lifetime

  • Keep luv in ur heart. A life without it iz like a sunless garden when the flowerz r dead.

  • Every1 u meet comes wid baggage. Find someone who luvs u enough to help u unpack

  • The most important thingz 2 do in the world are 2 get something 2 eat, something 2  drink and somebody 2 luv u.

  • Luv iz the best medicine, and there iz more than enough 2 go around once u open ur heart.

  • Never cloze your lipz 2 thoze Whom u have opened ur hart.

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