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After u inscribe u Valentine letter,
saunter gone from it or remain till the ,
next day to observe if u immobile like it,
probability are if u unmoving do similar to it,
it’s really superior. If not, u preserve attach it….

  • I treasure the occasion that
    we splurge mutually and
    recognize that u are a
    immense Valentine.

  • Roses are accessible in extra than one shade, red,
    Violets approach in other colors too as well blue,
    Sugar decay ur teeth as it is so charming,
    But there is no hesitation, I luv u,
    Luv u with all my heart…..

  • Give Ur Luv To All,
    As The Rose extend Its scent…
    But allocate Ur Heart
    With Those Who recognize
    The opus Of Ur Heart Beats…!!

    Cheerful Rose Day

  • its tough 2 operate as adoring,
    to one whom u in fact do
    nt luv.But it is tougher
    2 act as nt fond the individual
    whom u actually luv.

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