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  • u hurt me so bad, u even made me cry
    All I ever wanted waz 4 u 2 luv me
    For u 2 give me a try

  • If I write u a song, will u listen?
    If I make u diner, will u eat it?
    If I give u my hart, will u take it?
    If u break my hart, will u fix it?

  • Should I smile bcoz we’re friendz or cry because that’s all we’ll ever b?

  • Luv Iz Like A Cloud,
    Luv Iz Like A Dream,
    Luv Iz 1 Word And Everything In Between..
    Luv Iz A Fairytale Come True,
    Coz I Found Love When I Found U…

  • We enjoy warmth bcoz we have been cold.
    We appreciate lite because we have been in darknes.
    By the same token,
    we can experience joy bcoz we have known sadnes.

  • I really dont know what 2 say
    Nothing I gues
    Because anything that comes out of my mind,
    you interpret 2 a lie
    thankz 4 trusting me

  • I’m lonely there is no one cloze
    No one seez the pain, I cry
    Hope iz gone, I am alone
    And no 1 knowz

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