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  • I wish u a fast,
    n healthy recovery,
    Keep faith in God,
    n u will get well sooon..

  • Heard That U’re Not Feeling Well.
    So Brought Flowers For U 2
    Make U Feel Healthier And Happier.

    Get Well Soon

  • May thiz message of healing brighten up ur day. Get well soooon.

  • A bowl of warmth, a soft face, a new day,
    Some get-well thoughtz sent ur way,
    Feel better sooon.

  • Tackle life wid alll your skill
    Overcome each and every hil
    If u persist with alll ur wil
    U will enjoy your life and all itz thrilz.
    Get Well Soooon

  • Be the sky above u,
    Blue soft b the road below u,
    Affection b the breeze around u,
    I pray all the happines surroundz u.

    Get Well Sooon

  • Tackle life wid all ur skillz,
  • Overcome each and every hill,
  • If u persist with all ur will,
  • U will enjoy ur life and all itz thrillz,
  • Get Well Soon.

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