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Why most of the engineering studentz
Can’t clear all subjectz in 1st attempt..?
Smooooth roadz never make gud driverz,
Clear sky never makez gud pilotz
Clearing all subjectzs in the 1st attempt,
Never makez gud engineerz.


Hey U Know
Which iz the best day 2 propose a girl.. April 1
U Know Y??
If she accept itz ur luck
otherwize just tell April Fooool.

The Longest Distance 4 a morning work in winter iz from
the bed 2 the toilet=p

A day iz going 2 n again.
It iz nice 2 have a friend like u
making my every day seemz so great.
ThankĀ  U my god friend lastly
god nyt n sweet dreamz

Women r like fruitz.
Every woman haz her own unique taste and colour
The problem iz the men,
They seem 2 luv fruit salad.

Commerce profesor askz the student,
what iz the most important source,
of money 4 starting busines?

Student: Fathar in law.

I am Looking 4 a Bank
which can perform 2 things 4 me.

Give me a Loan,
then Leave me Alone :p

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