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  • The best way 2 appreciate ur job is to imagine yourself widout one.

  • A happy wedding iz a extended chat that forever seemz too short. Gud luck

  • He who wishes 2 be rich in a day will be hanged in a year.

  • An enemy generally sayz and believes what he wishez.

  • Happiness az lite az air.
    Happiness az lite az air.
    luv as DEEP as OCEAN.
    Friendz az solid as diamondz
    and succes az bright az gold.
    These r my wishez 4 u 2day n everyday

  • Middle age iz when u’re sitting at home on a Saturday nite and the telephone ringz and u hope it isn’t 4 u.

  • Luv one another and u will be hapy. It’z az simple and az difficult az that.

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